We were pleased to be asked by GGM to do their new promo for this year conference.
Last time we did something more “digital”, but since this year the theme is “Make it” we decided to grab diferent materials, grab a camera and start filming.

More info about the conference:
his year’s theme is MAKE IT! Tapping into the trend of makers this year’s Geek Girl Meetup will cover all kinds of items in the makers hands. Watch out for all DIY from electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, CNC tools, metalworking, woodworking and traditional arts and crafts. With the uprising of Makers fairs and maker spaces we dig in deep into it.

Tickets available here: simplesignup.se/event/42859-ggm14-make-it

Read more here: geekgirlmeetup.com/forening/2014/04/16/pressrelease-geek-girl-meetup-2014-makeit

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