Bitcoin Pizza Day refers to the day when Florida’s Laszlo Hanyecz paid a sum of 10,000 BTCs, instead of fiat currency, for two Papa John’s pizzas. The day is remembered not for the transaction, but for the price he paid for the two pizzas.

If you look at the price of Bitcoin today, the BTC that he paid for two pizzas would have amounted to 7 million, at press time. This event is remembered as the first real-time transaction thats used Bitcoin.

Huobi Global, a cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that it would be selling their cryptocurrency at a discount rate to a few traders as part of their ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’ celebration. The company is also looking at launching Reserve Right Token on their Huobi prime.

There are two special promos to celebrate the Bitcoin Pizza Day event. In the first round, it will sell 20% of the promotional coins at a 50% of the Bitcoin market price. The second round will have the rest 80% of the coins sold at 12% of the market price. Huobi will also host a variety of Bitcoin-related activities and one lucky user will get 1 Bitcoin at the original Pizza day price – $0.03.

Livio Weng, CEO of Huobi, said,

“That although the idea started as a joke, they are excited about the upcoming event.”

Ross Zhang, Head of Marketing, commented that the demand for the cryptocurrency is going to be high therefore, not everyone will get what they want.

Binance also took the opportunity to comment on Bitcoin Pizza day,

Tron’s Justin Sun has also launched a campaign and has announced a bounty to celebrate the day. Participants will only have to create a unique TRONPizza image. More unique the image, higher the chances to win a bounty of 10,800 TRX.

Participants would require to first retweet the “TRON Pizza Campaign,” and then create a “TRONPizza.” The image should have TRON elements and pizza and should be posted on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #TRONPizza.

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