On July 25th, Justin Sun is going to be sitting down with Warren Buffett for a charity lunch after Sun put in a bid of around $4.5 million. This is a highly anticipated event for the crypto space as Buffett is a well-known bear within the community and Sun has said that he going to try and sway him to the crypto side. Sun was planning on bringing a few industry leaders to the lunch too including the CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia. 

Assia has just accepted his ‘e-vite’ to the lunch via Twitter, saying the following in response to Sun’s Twitter invite:

“Justin, it is my honor to join you for lunch with @WarrenBuffett , A big step for bridging between the traditional finance world and the new one !”

Just a day before though, Sun invited the co-founder and CEO of Circle through Twitter to which Assia clearly saw an opportunity and pushed for an invite.

“Would love to join as well ! I believe there is huge potential for social impact that can be done via #Crypto and would love to have @WarrenBuffett engaged with us !”

And a day after this, the eToro CEO was invited! Ask and you shall receive…

Assia is going to bring a lot of experience to the table in the finance business. The Israeli investor is a very successful businessman and has revolutionized the world of trading with eToro. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that eToro ad on YouTube before watching a video!

Assia’s vision has brought millions of users that bit closer to the financial markets with strategies aimed at promoting ‘social trading’. In fact, more than $800 million in investments has been raised by eToro.

Open Buffett

Like many enthusiasts, I’m very interested in how this lunch date will turn out. Buffett is very open about what he thinks about Bitcoin as he once compared it to ‘rat poison’. Persuading the American investment titan will be a very difficult task but if anyone can encourage him, it’s got to be Justin Sun.

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