The CEO of TRON and newly found owner of the BitTorrent platform is wanting to get the attention of the 2020 US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Sun has tried getting his attention before but he isn’t stopping there, as in a Livestream he conducted this week on Tuesday Sun reinforced his want to work with yang in the near-future just after he promised to reschedule his $4.6 million charity lunch with the American investment guru Warren Buffett “very soon.”

Yang is planning to work with the UBI which was first announced earlier this month when he revealed his plans to give away $120,000 through the course of 2020 as part of his pilot program for his policy scheme.

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Just a day after the announcement came from Yang, Sun jumped to the opportunity to put his name into the ring by once more explaining his desire to work the candidate to help fulfil his pledge.

“Yang’s initiative to UBI $1k to 10 ppl per mth for 1 yr, I’ll pledge UBI $1k to 100 ppl per mth in 2020! I’ll pick 1 to attend lunch w/ me & @WarrenBuffett 2020! I’ll let Yang assist me in picking the lucky 100! Join us!  #YANG2020 @AndrewYang”

The CEO is looking to position himself as a prominent cryptocurrency figure and wishes to be the link between the world of crypto and institutional investors. However, the reality is, is that it is basically just a way to market himself and his project.

For better or worse, Sun is a genius when it comes to marketing and self-promotion. In fairness to him, it hs grown his profile massively, especially over the past two years. This, of course, has a knock-on effect to TRON (and now BitTorrent) 

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!

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