Trump's Bibles get the

James Austin Johnson donned the blond hair, blue suit and red tie to play Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” before busting out an “exclusive” Trump Bible.

The Easter Sunday eve episode featured the Trump Bible sketch in its cold open. 

“Basically, yes,” Johnson as Trump says after a villager asks, “Is it Jesus?”

“That’s just a thing I do now,” Johnson’s Trump says of his comparisons to Jesus. 

“Look at this new Bible. Made from 100% Bible,” Johnson goes on to say in his Trump voice. “You’re going to love my new and, I would say, even better Bible. It comes with everything you like from Bible. Like the story of Easter, which primarily concerns Jesus. Not so much the bunny. I kept waiting for the bunny to show up. He never showed up. That’s OK.”

“As you know, I love Bible. It’s my favorite book. I’ve definitely read it. My favorite part is probably the ending. How it all wraps up.”

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