I browsed the web for ideas for a Mother’s Day project. The one that caught my eye was an inside out vase. Perfect. Inside out is fun but moderately challenging.

Four square pieces of wood are temporarily fastened together. While there are many possible ways to fasten them, I find a paper joint does a good job for a four way inside out turning. For a paper joint, a piece of plain paper is inserted into the joint between each of the glued surfaces.

When mounting the glued up blank between centers, try to exactly place the centers at the insersection of the four pieces. Any offset will show up later.

I cut an asymetric cove with the first mounting for the inside shape. I also sanded and finished the cove.

After splitting apart the wood pieces with taps from a chisel and cleaning up the new mating surfaces, I reversed each piece of wood and glued them together again – permanently.

Then remounted the block and finished turning the new outside of the vase.

The challenges are cutting air between the four slats and visualizing the inside versus the outside.

I also used my DIY steady rest found in this video, “Update To My DIY Lathe Steady Rest” at


Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used with permission.

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