Two people were rescued off Boulder’s Second Flatiron in Chautauqua Park after becoming stuck while climbing there this morning.

According to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, dispatchers were contacted in a 911 call about 10 a.m., concerning a pair who were stuck on the Second Flatiron in Chautauqua Park.

The climbers, both in their twenties, were hiking in Chautauqua Park and decided to scramble up the Second Flatiron on the Freeway Route. They lacked climbing gear or other safety equipment, according to a news release. Partway up the route they decided they didn’t feel like they could safely make it down and called for help.

First responders from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group and rangers with Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks responded to the scene to execute a technical rescue, which took about four hours. No injuries were sustained.

Scramblers are advised by the sheriff’s office to know their limits and to turn back before they get too far to safely get down on their own.

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