Friend and design legend, Bradley Munkowitz (GMUNK), came to Michael Williams and I with a music video concept for the well known musician and designer, Tycho. Knowing our interest in creating design executed in the practical and physical world, Bradley offered us an amazing opportunity to let those passions grow. Mike and I spent months designing and fabricating a number of props to be utilized by the protagonist in the music video.

Between the two of us, we had very limited experience in woodworking. For several months our weekdays and weekends were consumed with cutting, gluing, sanding, and measuring in the woodshop at Autofuss. Sometimes returning home with just enough time to change, brush our teeth, and rest for the next day of work. Everything we learned and accomplished during this rush will remain with us forever as a proud, and pricelessly educational experience.

Music: Airbird & Napolian – In The Zone

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