One investor in the OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme is receiving death threats after she publicly spoke out about her ordeal with the ‘firm’. Aside from receiving more than harsh words from people over the internet, Jen McAdam has also been threatened with sexual violence too. 

Following her father’s death, the Glasgow-born resident put her inheritance into the OneCoin digital currency which according to the BBC was a complete scam. The multi-million dollar scheme from OneCoin saw more than fifty thousands British people put their life-savings into the cryptocurrency however they were all left with questions without any answers.

McAdam recently took part in a BBC Sounds podcast where she told her story and experience with OneCoin. The podcast is an interesting one for crypto enthusiasts as it dug deep into the disappearance of the scam’s founder, Ruja Ignatova. Since she took part in the interview, things seem to have gotten worse or McAdam.

According to McAdam, the threats are coordinated attacks which mainly come from supporters of the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Many of the threats that McAdam has received have been through means of Facebook or Twitter. One of the threats posted in September, described the podcast as fake news whereas another said: “the laddy is still alive but it will not be for more days !”

Reading past the poor English, the message is clear. 

OneCoin has been able to raise more than $5 billion from victims residing in just under 180 nations. Other leaders of the crypto scheme have been arrested sure, but Ignatova is still missing. 

OneCoin’s operation still maintains innocence and continues to operate in some parts of the world. The website for the project is even still up and running!

For those who reading who are thinking about defending OneCoin, I leave you with this thought, innocent people don’t run.

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