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Unilever concedes to their blockchain-based pilot project saving significant amount of capital – AMBCrypto

Benefits of blockchain tech are being realized by major companies such as Unilever, who have now come forward to share proper details about the benefits that they were able to achieve using this technology. This pilot project pointed towards the fact that blockchain is now the go-to option for major global companies.

Blockchain continued to remain in the headlines as Luis Di Como, Vice President for Global Media at Unilever, shared that with the help of blockchain tech, the organization was able to save significant amount of capital. With blockchain included in its business operations, Unilever was also able to perform a majority of the activities effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it was also revealed that there was no leakage in the investments made as part of the pilot project. In line with the blockchain-related developments in the industry, Di Como stated,

“I am familiar with some of the agencies that have launched here. I’ve seen some experiments in the UK where people are trying to replace media agencies with those companies. That was maybe why it didn’t take off. IBM, Group M [Mindshare] – all of us are working hand in hand throughout this process.”

With positive results generated from the test, Unilever wants to scale up the blockchain project, along with building a consortium for utilizing blockchain tech later. As the blockchain tech offered a wide variety of benefits, big-league members have started incorporating it in their business operations.

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