Justin Sun recently sat down in an AMA to discuss the launch of BitTorrent Speed and the features and updates associated with it.

The aim of this latest project is to enhance users experience by offering better speed and to empower them with control features, he said. This new features provide full transparency within the swarm, as other participants in it have proper knowledge of other users’ address.

Unlike an email address, this information is basically connected to a public key that has been designed specifically for the BitTorrent speed creation process, according to SVP of Product Management, Justin Knoll.

Knoll further clarified that users who value privacy and anonymity will be happy with this project’s offerings as a major aspect of this project is the number of Torrents users have added and the number of connections they have over the network, rather than publicly declaring their personal information.

Further, users will not be charged in BitTorrent [BTT] for carrying out transactions. Instead, users will be paying other users present at the receiving end, who are seeding the BitTorrent files.

Sun explained the functionality of the BitTorrent dashboard to clear doubts raised by a crypto-enthusiast. He stated that it is just a dashboard that reveals real time stats to users. Further, this dashboard offers flexible options to users so that they can either close it or minimize it. However, they need to remain online and keep their torrent client running in order to seed these Torrents.

With higher speed being the goal of the project, Tron plans to leverage BitTorrent Speed to enrich users’experience over the BitTorrent platform.

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