RALEIGH, N.C. (WFLA/CNN) – Home surveillance footage captured the moment a North Carolina man says he was humiliated by police when they thought he broke into his own home.

An officer showed up to Kazeem Oyeneyin’s home after his house alarm was accidentally triggered, notifying police that it had been possibly broken into.

Oyeneyin said his friend stayed over the night before and tripped the alarm unknowingly when he left. Oyeneyin said he disengaged it and went back to bed.

Surveillance footage from inside Oyeneyin’s home shows an officer opening his unlocked front door and asking for anyone inside to show themselves.

Oyeneyin walked to the front door in his boxers where he met the officer and his pointed gun.

A tense verbal confrontation ensued between Oyeneyin and the officer, one that included Oyeneyin telling the officer he was holding a firearm.

After dropping the gun and following the officer’s orders, Oyeneyin was placed in handcuffs and officers assessed the situation.

“I’m confused why he’s still talking,” Oyeneyin said of the confrontation. “He’s asking me if I have ID. I told you yeah. Let’s identify me and get me out of here. I was like, ‘I need a supervisor. I definitely need a supervisor here because this ain’t right.’”

Wearing just his underwear, Oyeneyin was escorted outside in handcuffs while officers searched his house.

“This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” Oyeneyin told WTVD.

The police department is looking into the incident and reviewing the officers’ actions.


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