What a fantastic challenge. This video shows all ornaments that were entered into the challenge.
We invite you to vote for your favorites. This is an experiment – we hope it works.

Here are the guidelines.

1. Review this video and the ornaments. These are in random order but the number in this video corresponds to order in the official playlist. Note which that you’d like to see the video for.
2. View the supporting videos from your list. The video should be part of your decision.
3. In a comment below this video, enter up to 5 numbers that represent your favorites in order from 1 to 5. The number must the number given in the upper left corner of each display in this video or the playlist order number. List your favorite by number first; second favorite by number second and so on up to five ornament entries. Please do not include titles and names – we’ll only look at the numbers so make sure they’re in your order.
4. Only one comment with selections per person. Multiple selections will be ignored.
5. You have until the 15th of December to make your vote.
6. We’ll announce the results from this video with Carl and Alan’s selections as soon as possible.

Playlist via AsWoodTurns:

Good turning.


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