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VIEWPOINT: Playing the Blame Game regarding the cost of living

There is quite a bit of “finger pointing” these days, by those in the print and vocal media, and within our own communities.

Much of the blame for the high cost of gas, groceries, insurance, and the general cost of living is being pointed directly at President Biden.

However, let us be honest with ourselves.

President Biden does not and cannot control the cost of a barrel of oil that needs to be refined before it is pumped into your car, or the cost of prescription medication, or the price of groceries, without Congressional support.

For the twenty-two (22), or so, months that much of this nation and world was homebound, there was very little, if any spending.

As nations “began lifting their coronavirus sanctions,” and we began, again, to travel, buy groceries, and other amenities, companies began raising their costs of “doing business,” due to the fact at the time these corporations were basically not operating at a profit.

Once we were able to “open our doors” again, the cost of everything has ‘jumped.

President Biden cannot control our spending habits or our personal priorities.

Al Liebeskind from Millsboro, Delaware  

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