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Remember that time someone plugged in an amp in a room where a young woman received a text which sorta woke her up. She was half-dreaming of herself as a boy in a room with other beds that had vague shapes of people in them while they flickered. She woke up and danced for joy at not being a little boy in that room. She then decided to put some makeup on. Outside there was some mist falling on some leaves and we crashed through a tangle of branches. It got really dark again and this guy was being stunned by lasers in the middle of some big chamber. Next door a guy jumped into a pool. He turned into a cartoon and a shark bit his foot. He turned into a bell diver with a buddy, and they tried using electrical signals to try and talk to each other. Why didn’t Alexander Graham Bell make this easier? And since we’re talking about history what did early film look like? Now let’s jump to the future and perhaps we can just communicate through antennae attached to our skulls, but we can never really escape our need for snacks and the evil of machines foiling our ability to do so. Struggling to grapple with this universal fact, the man hit his head in frustration. Staring at himself through broken glass he discovered an odd “shine” in his eye. Now we’ve really gone underwater. Let’s try and send a message. Use a typewriter, a keyboard or a mobile device! I’m hungry again. This makes me think of that time we flew to Australia and ended up at that crazy party at Halloween. A group of kids were synchronize skating in the pool But wouldn’t it be more fun to go surfing? Ok, now we’re under water again, I can’t remember if this was a dream. Yes, we jumped off a cliff while people on horses gave us big ups for doing so. This other guy was really upset about it. We decided it might be better to slow things down and just watch a movie together. People were dancing on the ceilings. It was hard to hear because someone was doing a bunch of woodworking next door, while another person was practicing her dance. Did we get someone to watch the baby? Oh well, we better head home.

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