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Cryptocurrency is still not yet ubiquitous in the everyday life of most folks. Every day, however, seems to bring the world just a little bit closer to hitting that point. With the continuing chatter of Facebook’s Libra in the news, Bitcoin futures on Bakkt, trade concerns with China, endless money printing by the Federal Reserve, and Presidential impeachment concerns to name a few; there seems to be a growing appetite for cryptocurrency investment amongst industry and individuals. One cryptocurrency exchange hopes to capitalize on the looming economic concerns of today by providing hope to the average investor feeling as if they’re being cheated by the system that they’ve bought into their whole lives by giving these investors another option to secure their future; a “Plan B.”

If you’ve been on social media lately, you may have seen the pictures posted of a viral marketing campaign shown around several major metropolitan areas promoting Bitcoin as “plan B” for the current economic system. This slick marketing campaign was pushed recently by, a cryptocurrency exchange that currently offers new customers $50 for signing up, and over 30 cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies for trade on their exchange. The campaign ads were run in Stockton, California, aiming to catch the eyes of passersby. The ads were put up on billboards, news stands, and bus stations around this area; clearly targeting the area’s population of individuals in the technical and financial sectors. is certainly in a market loaded with competition, but did recently surpass the one-million app download milestone; paving the way for their success in the crypto exchange battlefield. The app offers a lot to their customers outside of simple cryptocurrency buying and selling. When you sign up with you have the opportunity to apply for one of their MCO VISA cards. All of their cards offer crypto back to your MCO wallet. MCO is’s own cryptocurrency which is exchangeable for those 7 fiat currencies and/or 32 cryptocurrencies. This is a gamechanger for folks looking to stack passively and diversify their fiat and crypto holdings. Further, their higher tiered credit cards offer full rebates for services like Spotify, and Netflix, and 10% rebates for Expedia, and AirBNB. Also, if you are a jetsetter, you can get access to some fancy airport lounges for you and a friend. also gives customers an opportunity to earn interest off their crypto. When you select the given amount you wish to invest and the time period you want to invest in customers are paid interest to their wallets. To incentivize use of their MCO coin, pays higher interest to you in MCO when you select their option. Either way, getting interest for crypto that was just sitting around is another game changing feature for

For businesses looking to get into crypto payments, offers a crypto payments platform. Their payment system aims to make it easy for businesses to tap into the crypto market and allows for giving and receiving payments in various popular cryptocurrencies. Further, they enable a system that allows the business to accept payment in a cryptocurrency but receive fiat currency in return if they should choose to do so. The 0% processing fees is also a big reason to use this platform if you’re a business trying to save money.

Their wallet, the foundation of, is reason alone to use them as an exchange. The 7 fiat currencies as well as the 32 cryptocurrencies you can hold are pretty impressive. Particularly, the 7 fiat currency options, which is unique from many other exchange hot wallets. Further, you can track over 200+ other cryptocurrencies within the app, as many others also offer

A good experience is important for first-time crypto buyers. Will “Time For Plan B” work as a marketing tactic to bring in new customers for Will the $50 sign-up bonus lure folks on the fence to get a piece of the action? What do you think of and their clever marketing? If you are looking for other great opportunities to earn free cryptocurrency, be sure to check out my previous articles, and follow me on Twitter @MarcusHenryHODL to let me know your thoughts!

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