Working through Proyecto Andino de Tecnologias Campesinas (Project for Andean Peasant Technlogy, aka PRATEC) the Initiative for Andean Cultural Affirmation (FICA) supports the recovery of ancestral customs of the Amazonian Andean communities of Peru. Inspired by the vision of accompanying, rather than directing, the regeneration of cultural and biological diversity, PRATEC worked with a number of local Nuclei for Andean Cultural Affirmation (NACAS), each based in a particular rural community in the high Andes and linked through communicative networks facilitated by PRATEC and sponsored by the Swiss foundation ‘Traditions for Tomorrow.’

‘Volver al Respeto’ (‘Return to Respect’) highlights over 30 local initiatives, each documented in participatory video style by the NACAS themselves from 2003 through 2005. This compilation video profiles initiatives in a number of communities demonstrating various aspects of their projects of affirmation and regeneration, including those related to food and agriculture, clothing and weaving, music and dance, woodworking, sports, pottery, blacksmithing, as well as traditions for community organisation and self- governance. The communities in this video have participated in other initiatives also featured on TV Multiversity, including those profiled in the videos Allin Puriq, Samaykuy, and Semillas Enamoradas.

Video edited by Maja Tillmann Salas, the videographer for PRATEC. In Spanish. An English subtitled version of this video is available on the TV Multiversity channel at YouTube:

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