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April 30th, Elite Mining Inc, has announced the start of its Series A equity-backed security token funding round to raise almost 6.4 million dollars for expansion of its cryptocurrency mining operations. Pledge forms for the round will start being accepted immediately upon the launch of the round.

Elite Mining Inc, is doing a Series A funding round where it will be issuing tokens per a SAFT agreement.  The EMI tokens directly correspond to shares of equity in the company. Having an Elite Mining Inc token means that you own part of the company and that investors have rights to dividends when distributed.  EMI tokens will be offered in a private placement, and the round is being conducted under SEC exemption; Reg D 506 (c) to accredited US investors and under Reg S to non-US investors. The Series A round will run for 5 months or until a hard cap is reached, with a minimum investment amount of 7,500 USD. The earlier you invest, the larger the discount you will receive, which results in additional tokens for the investor.

Elite Mining Inc, or EMI, is a Washington based cryptocurrency mining company which last year ran a successful 1 million seed round. EMI is mining several cryptocurrencies such as, but not limited to BTC/ETH/ZCASH/ZEN, through ASICS, GPUs and nodes. They are now almost operational for currently operating for a year and have  paid dividends for around half a year and have already distributed dividends on multiple occasions.

Some of the core principles of Elite Mining include transparency, agility, sustainability and aiming for the best profit margins. Through a transparent dashboard, every investor in the company has access to what the company is doing and the website includes public information of company statics, that is updated on a regular basis. EMI is highly unique in that it does not pay salaries to its team, all the team members are shareholders that get paid through their equity holding just like an investor, effectively aligning the team with the investors. This not only makes the EMI operations extremely lean in expenses and payables, but it also incentives the team to work as hard as they can.

EMI has multiple locations in Washington and has several different streams of income, which all make Elite Mining Inc a diverse and agile cryptocurrency mining company. One of the live statistics on the website is ‘clean energy’, EMI strives to be as green and sustainable as possible, by using hydroelectric energy available in Washington state. Their goal is to reach 99%+ clean / renewable energy at scale. EMI has established long term contracts to allow them to have access to the power required to mine 100+ Bitcoin a day, which eventually can be reached with proper infrastructure.  In addition EMI has allocations set to build their own renewable energy to diversify and cut down on costs even more. Due to the agility, diversification and one of the lowest electricity costs in the world, Elite Mining can focus to provide tremendous value to it’s shareholders.

See for more information, where the PPM and others will be made available, you can also see us on multiple social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and others.

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