It’s no secret that we are blockchain fanatics, you could even argue that blockchain technology really is something that we love. Indeed, the same is assumed for all of our readers – if you don’t love blockchain then I guess you came here by mistake, either way, I’m sure you want to read on…

I want to address a question, why are we moving towards the blockchain anyway?

The invention of the internet simply changed lives. It helped contemporary society enter a new era, in the same way Iron fed the Iron age and industry fed the Industrial Revolution, the internet has fed our era, the Data Age.

Within the data age, as humans we have always looked for more, we have not just built products, but we have built upon them at an accelerated rate. Thanks to data, we can create a prototype and then 6 generations of the same product all in the space of a year. The internet has allowed for the fast transfer of information and resources, for free, across the world, that in turn, has helped every other industry develop too.

Now, as I have stated, human nature always looks for more, we always look to take thing one step further, with this came the invention of broadband internet and fibre optic. Sadly though, even the internet does have it’s upper limits, eventually, no matter how we try to modify and improve it, the internet will not be able to meet our requirements as a means of data exchange anymore, as a result of this, humans have turned to something else, something new, something unique and something that we are all in love with.

The Blockchain.

We are pushing towards adoption this technology (within mainstream society) because the internet is losing its use value. Us crypto enthusiasts are already well attuned with the blockchain, but soon enough, mainstream cultures will catch up too as consumers and technologists demand more from their products. Moreover, one day the internet alone simply won’t be able to meet the demand of the data transfer that it will be required to facilitate, without an injection of efficiency from blockchain technology. We are moving towards blockchain adoption as a result of the natural progression of our fast paced and data based universe. Isn’t it exciting?

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