Oolong tea is an ancient form of Chinese tea that is produced through a very unique process that involves withering the tea leaves under the rays of the sun, oxidation, curling and twisting it. This process is applicable for these tea leaves and for some selected variants in it. The range of oxidation of this tea varies from 8 percent to 85 percent. But again it depends on different varieties and categories. The flavor is slightly darker and richer as the leaves undergo a partial process of photosynthesis.

Usually this Oolong tea would resemble like a small ball of green color that unfurl during infusing with hot water. These leaves were grown in the Wu Yi Mountains of China and also Tie Guan province of Southern Fiji. Taiwan also is a leading producer of this tea especially the most fragrant dong ding and Pouchong varieties. These are very expensive types of this tea that are very popular among tea lovers. India, Vietnam and Darjeeling are also known for its tea leaves.

There are also various grades of Oolong tea that differs according to the extent to which it is being packed, stored and dried. Some varieties are kept for sale immediately soon after packing and drying it, while some type of this tea is left aside to age to derive more complex flavors and are offered at great prices. There are also some leaves that are roasted after undergoing air dry process. They are packed after passing through another type of drying process to offer a lot of benefits of this tea. Most of this tea lovers love to experiment all the varieties of this tea as they are enchanted by the flavor of the tea.

When it comes to other types of this tea there are many forms that this tea extract undergoes, such as, diet Oolong tea and Oolong tea capsules. The capsules are derived after drying it in a secure process and making it into a powder form which then gets stuffed into capsules which is also loaded with high benefits and medicinal properties. This is also available for sale over the counter or even through online shopping sites. These capsules are in high demand as there is no process of brewing or seeping as in tea and the benefit is achieved in a single capsule form that is easy for administration.

This tea offers a wide range of benefits such as anti ageing and cancer fighting properties as it is fully packed with antioxidants such as theaflavin, thearubigin and catechins. It also has the goodness to reduce, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots make skin free from all marks. A lot of attention is gained by pokka Oolong tea as it promotes in weight loss as it induces metabolism, burns fat cells and also cuts the accumulation of fat in the body. It is also rich in heart healing properties that reduce the risk of various diseases that are cardiovascular in nature.

Source by Joyeeta Bose