Everyone that is interested in woodworking wants to make something that makes others say ‘wow”

A router table adds a new dimension to your woodworking because of its amazing versatility. For such a simple concept, a spinning blade, the router table has so many different profiles.

I have always said that when you put your project on the router table it is wood, when you take it off, its furniture.

Here are the top reasons why you want a router table in your shop.

· Amazing versatility

· Versatile edge profiles

· Template following capabilities

· Dado and groove cutting

· Raised panel doors construction

· Precision joinery

· Rounding over wood

· Tables available in Large and bench top sizes

· Tons of accessories are available

· Router bits are available for almost anything

· You can make your own router table, but not your own table saw!

Just think, if you bought a 50-piece router bit set and brought it home, you could literally do 50 different types of cutting. That’s like getting 50 different machines in your shop.

Here are some cool things you can do with “unique” router bits

· Glue Joints

· Mortising

· Lock Mitres (for strong joints)

· Architectural moldings

· Stile and Rail joinery

· Box joints

· Panel raising

· Tongue and groove joints

· Finger joints

· Laminate trimming

· Face framing bits

· Dovetail joinery

· Sign making

· Rabbets

· Biscuit joining

· Slot cutting

· Round overs

· Fluting

· Multi beading

· Picture hanging bits

· Mullion cutters

One of the better aspects of routing on a router table is the ability to attach a dust collector to your router fence. I personally like a portable dust collector that is dedicated to my router table. If you can split the dust hose using a “T” you can collect dust at the router fence and again at the bottom of the table. This keeps your shop clean and organized.

There are so many accessories out there, it can boggle the mind. You can find almost anything for the most demanding project. With so many accessories available, I find it valuable to have a router table cabinet with drawers. Under the table portion of the cabinet is open so the router can breathe. Underneath I like having two drawers that keep all my router table items in one place. I could never keep all the little knobs, allen wrenches, collet wrenches and speed controls, to name a few, all organized. Imagine how easy it is with a couple of drawers to help you keep it all together.

So how do you learn more about your router table? You read, read and read some more. Thanks to the Internet, there is so much out there (for free) that you can learn. Hopefully this article has inspired you to go out and buy a router table and make something amazing.

If this article has inspired you, you may want to learn more about what type of router to purchase when you set up your router table. There are a lot of choices out there and the Internet can either help you or confuse you. I will be posting another article on this very subject.

Source by Ken Schulte