The bears are on the move.

Wildlife officials said bear activity in east and south Boulder appears to be up this year, and are reminding residents in those areas to take steps to prevent luring the animals.

While the western edge is commonly thought of as the center of bear activity in Boulder due to its proximity to the foothills, the animals have been active in other parts of the city this summer.

Melanie Hill, the director of communications with the Wild Foundation said last week a large male spent the day up a tree near Norwood and Broadway, where watchers kept a careful eye on it.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Jason Clay said there have been eight sightings in that area in recent weeks, and officials estimate there are currently four to six different bears that frequent the city.

“Boulder is very active with bears, and they stretch out farther than people probably think,” Clay said.

There also was a bear sighting at the University of Colorado campus on Wednesday night near a dumpster

Hill noted the large male’s presence at Norwood and Broadway shows people there should give thought to upgrading their trash bins even though it is not required by ordinance.

“Location is very important because bear-resistant bins are not required east of Broadway,” Hill noted. “But residents are highly encouraged to contact their waste haulers to request bear-resistant trash and compost bins, as bears have been active in that area recently and I’m sure will continue to be.”

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