With Bitcoin garnering some serious media coverage in the United States after the President took to Twitter last week to give his harsh opinions on cryptocurrencies (he isn’t a fan), the co-founders of Gemini and the original Bitcoin billionaires, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are jumping on this newfound hype to try and encourage people to get on board with the crypto space by rewarding them with one Bitcoin if they can complete a simple challenge.

So all you have to do to take part in this challenge is take a picture with the Bitcoin billionaires novel by Ben Mezrich which is based on the twins’ life and venture into cryptocurrency.

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has experienced a flash crash below $10k and is now priced at $9.5k following an 11 percent loss in value. So whereas, this one Bitcoin wouldn’t be worth as much as you’d like, but c’mon! A free Bitcoin?! Who would turn that down!?

The submissions are already coming in on Twitter with users attempting to be as creative as they can.

Whereas this challenge is clearly a ploy to boost sales for the book based on the twins’ life, it’s nice to to see people enjoying themselves whilst also making some noise for Bitcoin.

Crypto Bus

The Twin’s previous challenge involved the Gemini crypto bus. The winner ended up walking away with over $8.5k despite Bitcoin being priced at $5.7k when the challenge was set!

Twitter user @ateschel won the contest and made a cool 50 percent return on the winnings.

I wonder who the winner for this new contest will be? Well, we’ll find out on 24th July when the contest ends.

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