TAMPA (WFLA) – A Good Samaritan helped police catch a DUI suspect on the run!

Frank Fischer, accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist, is behind bars thanks to a witness who saw things to end.

Early Monday morning just after 1 a.m. police shut down a stretch of I-75 southbound near Gibsonton Drive after a fiery crash.

“I was like, there’s no way that the motorcyclist survived that, because once I saw the ball of flame, you almost immediately know that it’s probably a fatality,” says Charles Wes Wesley who saw it happen in his rearview mirror.

Wesley was there the moment state troopers say a 1999 Ford F250 slammed into 23-year-old Chad Taylor Cagley. Investigators say the driver is Frank Fischer.

“He just took off. He took off, he came around me, and I mean, he was trying to get away,” says Wesley.

Wesley began to tail him, calling 911 and feeding information to dispatch, saying Fischer had no regard for traffic laws, pulled dangerous U-turns, killed his lights, and finally stopped at a Lowe’s in Riverview until deputies arrived.

“I think I hit the horn and said, he’s right there behind the tree, because they didn’t see him,” says Wesley.

“That man was being a courteous driver letting me get over, and then he loses his life like that? Then you have a guy that ran from him. Of course anybody in that type of situation, that family is going to want closure,” he said.

Frank Fischer is facing charges of DUI manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crash with death.

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