A vignette of Wolftree Volume 2’s featured makers, adventurers, and dreamers.


Grace Clark – photography
Emily Brooks – jewelry and crafts
Nicole Rae – creative journaling
Jeff Knight – wishbone woodworking
Bree Reetz – illustration (my wife!)


Big thanks to Bennett Pearson for providing the original music: “Winter Wind”


From wolftree.co :

Wolftree originated as a light-hearted tale. For months it was a theoretical story a group of friends mused upon—until they decided to go for it.

That’s what Wolftree is about and hopes to promote. We desire to support and encourage those who are taking risks, fully experiencing the journey of life, and continually seeking for the beauty that is woven in and throughout the simple everyday ventures.

Wolftree is a small and humble publication out of Fargo, North Dakota that aspires to encourage and share the stories of sincere artists, dreamers, and adventurers of the Midwest. This quarterly publication will showcase artist’s work, simple yet delicious recipes, amusing tidbits, Midwest love, and stories of ordinary people going for BIG dreams or simply finding a beautiful contentment in life’s small adventures.

So, welcome! Join with us; let us celebrate those who live with an expectancy of adventure—those who create art with hopes to share it—and those who dream without ceasing!

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