This project is a fun way to use up scraps and please both the grandkids and their parents.
This time, I’ll use a egg chuck derived from work done by Vern Bunn. The main difference is that I’ve mounted mine to a threaded wood faceplate to avoid using my 4 jaw chuck.
According to Ron Washall, the perfect egg is a series of arcs: one describes the bottom, the big end; 2 identical arcs define the sides; and one more describes the top. However, you will never find a “perfect” egg. They are all different. But, calculating from his description, the perfect length for an egg is 1.29 times its diameter. I made several templates to help me with this measure.
All this was compiled by Jerry Klug in the February newsletter for Cascades Woodturners.
The two eggs in this video are both walnut of different types. They are finished with shellac friction polish. They are about 1 3/4″ diameter and, of course, their lengths are 1.29 times their diameter. Approximately of course.
All this is just in time for those spring egg hunts. :)
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