I was browsing turned wood images and saw a unique bowl made of slats that seemed to protrude from the brim. My first thought – How can I turn that bowl? After pondering several alternatives, I had to go for it. Now after making one, I have to change my process.

First, here’s what I did.
1. Milled 11 slats 0.5″ thick, 2″ wide, and about 8″ long. 6 of walnut and 5 of oak.
2. Alternated the slats and clamped them together.
3. Prepared a waste block for the top and bottom. In this case, I sanded some scrap OSB since I needed a perfectly smooth surface.
4. Applied white glue to the waste panels and clamped them to for a sandwich. Let dry overnight.
5. Mounted the sandwich to a wood faceplate with double stick tape and live center pressure.
6. Turned the exterior. Here’s where I had problems. Sanded and finished.
7. Split apart the sandwich. It easily pulled apart.
8. Reassembed the sandwich offsetting every other slat by about 1/2″ by eye looking to reform a visual curve.
9. Glued the slats together. Let dry overnight.
10. Glued to a wood faceplate to the bottom.
11. Hollowed the interior and applied finish.
12. Parted off the bowl from the faceplate. This was scary.
13. Sanded a slight hollow to the underside and applied finish.

What I learned from this project is that the slats need more support side to side. In future projects, I will glue the slats together with a paper joint or double stick tape. Something that will come apart, be easily cleaned up and re assembled.


Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used by permission.

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