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This woodturning is a set of three exotic wood icicles ranging from 3 inches to 4 1/2 inches in length. Each as a finial at the bottom and a series of other shapes above the finial. They are strung on nylon thread and have a handmade brass hanger.
Each as a variety of woods that I purchased at a black Friday sale. The store did not identify the woods but they have a nice color and density.
I challenged myself to turn this entire project with a skew.
The small scale of this project was a challenge. The 1/16″ drill bit was prone to wander off center which resulted in a crooked hanging. Ok for these but I would prefer them to be straight.
This ornament is part of the Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge 2012. Please view the playlist at Carl Jacobson and I are sponsoring this challenge. If you would like to enter an ornament in this challenge, video yourself making the ornament, upload it to YouTube, and let me know where the video is. I’ll then add it to the challenge playlist.
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