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This woodpecker toy has been on my To Do list for a very long time.
The original was a small bird perched on a spring mounted on a small tube that fit over a stiff wire.
The bird would rock back and for while travelling down the rod.
He’s truly fascinating.
This version is upscale from the original with more travel on a longer dowel. The bird is cherry and walnut. The spring came from a hardware store selected because it seems not to stiff and not too weak. The spring mounts to a short wood tube that fits loosely on a 5/16″ dowel. The dowel is mounted to a walnut base and topped with a cherry cap. The base has a taller center to try to protect the bird’s tail when it reaches bottom.
After some trial and error, the bird does his thing, rocking back and forth as he travels down the dowel.
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