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After I see a great demo by someone who truly turns something unique, I just have to try it myself. This is my situation after seeing Max Brosi at the AAW symposium demonstrate what he called the whale bone form.

The project starts with wet wood with as much diameter as possible. First, turn a sphere. Please see my videos on spheres for more details. Max used the same process up to the point of using cup centers.

One difference is that he could construct an octagon with a compass. I solved it with geometry and some math. The result is the same. From any end to a corner is the diameter times 0.293. Any side is the diameter times 0.414.

But, for this project, I don’t need a perfect sphere. So, the octagon method by itself is sufficient. Leaving the octagon mounted between centers:

1. Mark lines at 30 degree intervals around the sphere and the equator line.
2. Re-mount the sphere on two opposing marks. Cut a groove.
3. Re-mount the sphere on equivalent marks the opposite direction. How much will determine the side and end openings. Cut a groove of equal depth and width.
4. Re-mount the sphere again in the middle of the widest set of grooves. Here I did the next part a bit differently. Cut a tenon on the end around the mounting center.
5. Re-mount on a chuck using the new tenon.
6. Hollow as much as possible from this side
7. Cut a mortise inside the new hole.
8. Re-mount using the new mortise.
9. Hollow the remainder from this side
10. Carve the remainder.

This is a fun multi-axis project. My thanks to Max Brosi. My thanks to Max Brosi. He infected me with some great ideas.


Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used with permission.

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