Years ago, I did not use pen kits for making wooden pens like we almost exclusively do today. Still there is a place for an inexpensive yet classy desk pen set.

This pen uses the filler extracted from a plastic pen. Cost was about 1.25 for 12.

The greatest challenge is drilling a hole almost six inches deep of such a thin diameter without the drill bit wandering out the side of the wood. I did several things to mitigate this risk:
1. My pen blank is straight grained wood that will not cause the bit to wander in the grain.
2. My pen blank was as deeply seated into my long nose jaws as possible to center and support the wood.
3. I started the hole with a short bit chucked as deeply in its chuck as possible to reduce the tendency to bend.
4. I drill slowly and clear chips about every 1/4 inch.
5. After drilling as deeply as I can with a short bit, I swapped it for the long bit to finish up.
Then I drilled a slightly larger diameter hole for the upper part of the pen’s tip.

The 6″ pen is from a tropical hardwood of unknown species finished with lacquer.

The base is about 2″ high and 2″ diameter. The bottom part is maple burl. The upper part is walnut. Next time, I would make the base at least 3″ diameter but this is as much the burl would allow. The base is finished with lacquer. The pen receiver is drilled at a slant by tipping the base in the chuck.

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