I’ve wanted to turn this project every since seeing Michael Hosaluk demonstrate it.
It is basically a turned box but with a twist. The top and bottom are elongated. Then at the band saw, each is sliced, the segment turned about 180 degrees then re glued. In this case, the top and bottom segments were sliced and re glued twice each. This process gave them a bit of an arc.
The inside surface is distressed while the exterior is sanded into a flowing shape. Finally, the box is painted with acrylic paint and a texture applied of acrylic gel.
With no grain alignment, there is no “right” way to position the top with respect to the bottom. Thus, the box can assume many different shapes or characters.
When I first saw one of Mike’s I just had to pick it up, twist it around and try to figure out how he did it. It’s fun.
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