Woodworking Essentials 1 (1hr 20min DVD) is an introduction to the properties of wood with a focus on shaping, using a range of Working Wood techniques.
In this 1hr 20min DVD, Paul teaches you to efficiently shape wood using razor-sharp hand tools. You’ll learn simple, fast shaping methods for making completed, beautiful projects such as bowls, spoons, and carved, shaped stools.

From his background as a working craftsman, Paul takes you step-by-step from the raw elements of splitting and riving wood, to shaping and carving a range of useful projects using traditional hand methods. You learn skills and techniques historically used for training artisan apprentices; yet, in just a few days you’ll gain the deeper understanding that guarantees a successful apprenticing strategy.

From sharpening carving gouges and chisels to scalloping bowls and chair seats, you will readily understand the internal dynamics and structure of wood grain and the properties that make the art of hand tool woodworking so unique.

Paul Sellers is a lifelong craftsman with 47 years of experience in full-time woodworking, woodturning and fine furniture making. Having dedicated his life to training fellow woodworkers of every skill level, Paul publishes widely and teaches woodworking in Europe, Canada and the USA.

In his Working Wood series, Paul teams with award-winning filmmakers to introduce a modern apprenticeship for woodworkers of every background.

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