Master European Workbenches (1hr 24min DVD)

Using the Mortise and Tenon, housing joints and elements you’ve learned in the five previous DVDs, Paul Sellers teaches you to build a sturdy European Workbench using locally sourced wood.

Without requiring a bench to work from, Paul gives practical solutions to chopping mortises and making tenons, laminating the benchtop and more. You can apply the elements learned to many projects in the future.

You can customize your workbench to a size that suits you, and add fitted drawers and vices, too! You’ll master laminating and clamping to create a large bench surface. You’ll cut strong and sturdy joints by hand, giving your bench the stability you need for a solid work center.

Paul Sellers is a lifelong craftsman with 47 years of experience in full-time woodworking, woodturning and fine furniture making. Having dedicated his life to training fellow woodworkers of every skill level, Paul publishes widely and teaches woodworking in Europe, Canada and the USA.

In his Working Wood series, Paul teams with award-winning filmmakers to introduce a modern apprenticeship for woodworkers of every background.

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