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Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, might have hinted at a stablecoin being under development, on Twitter.

A Twitter user, @CryptosBatman, tweeted,

“If #Binance decides to issue their own stable coin, it will become one of the biggest tokens on the Binance Chain and increase the network usage and the utility for $BNB a lot. Major projects have already launched their own stable coin, and I can see Binance doing it as well.”

CZ responded,

Although still very speculative, CZ has a track record of making “wishes” come true. The first time this happened was in December 2018, after CZ granted the wishes of many users and added XRP as a base pair on Binance. C3|Nik’s tweet requesting XRP to be added as a base pair on Binance gained a lot of support on Twitter, before Binance finally added it.

CZ’s response to the user’s tweet was the same as in the present case,

A few days later, Binance added XRP as a base pair.

The second time this happened was in January 2019, when a user, @i_game187, requested GBP to BTC pair.

“Big thanks to @cz_binance and @binance for getting my second account running. Much appreciated. Only if you could add fiat GBP to BTC pair. That would make my day and a lot of other people I know would be really happy.”

CZ responded to the user with his customary reply,

Soon, GBP to BTC base pairs were added on Binance. Hence, in light of CZ’s history of granting user’s wishes with his customary response,”careful what you wish for,” it can be speculated that Binance has some plans for a stablecoin.

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