Something odd became apparent when I started putting this article together.

Most of the coupon affiliate programs being promoted on other sites have one of two critical flaws.

Which is that they don’t actually have affiliate programs, period. 

Or those coupon websites don’t exist anymore.

So, yeah, we don’t make those kinds of mistakes here – Gael would have my hide!


Couponing is actually a totally legit affiliate niche to be in.

The problem is that a bunch of idiots have actively spammed the Internet with fake coupons for several years now.

But the only reason they’re putting that much effort into doing that is that… drum roll… they’re making money.

As much, or more, as legit affiliate marketers are:

Affiliate Earnings

Long story short, there’s still good money to be made with coupon websites like those listed. 

Once you understand how to navigate the waters of this niche.

So all aboard the Authority Hacker for our maiden voyage into the world of coupon programs. 

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