These days, the use diet teas is one of the common ways overweight people try to shed off their excess weight. There are many weight-loss teas on the market. The vendors of these slimming teas constantly try to outdo each other in trying to convince you that their particular product is the best of the lot available.

It is true that the use of diet teas can help you to lose weight quickly. But you must consider the following tips when choosing weight-loss teas to buy.

1. Be aware that some slimming teas can act as very powerful laxatives. That is, when taken they can greatly increase the frequency and intensity of your bowel movements. In other words, they can let you go to the bathroom more often than you probably want to. They may also indicate watery stools.

It is therefore important to make sure that you do not overuse these slimming teas. Do not drink too much of it. Stick to the recommended dosage. It would be wise to discontinue the use of any particular slimming tea if you are unhappy with the change in your bowel movements.

2. A further tip to consider is the fact in the case of some women, their menstrual periods and cycles can be seriously affected by the long-term use of diet teas. So, if you are a woman, or if you know a woman who is considering buying and using weight-loss teas, be reminded of the possible effect on your / menstrual periods and cycles.

3. Finally, be aware that some diet teas can have serious negative effects if taken by pregnant women. If you are a pregnant woman, it would be wise not to take weight-loss teas at all, except your doctor assures you that it is okay to do so. If you intend to do so, speak with your doctor for advice. Other possible negative side effects of consuming slimming teas include frequent vomiting, nausea and stomach cramps. All of these can give you great discomfort.

Watch out for these symptoms if you start to use slimming teas, for they do occur. You might want to consider safer, alternative, ways to lose weight.

Source by David KB Brown