There’s a fine line between perception and imagination because we don’t just see things as they are, but rather we see things as we are. If our imagination is limited or absent, so are we.

As a psychotherapist, I use the power of imagination to help my clients shift into new perceptions. Bending things is the name of the game. Just like massage is manipulation of soft tissue for good muscular outcome, psychotherapy is a benevolent intervention that challenges the brain-locks of a person to help them get unstuck.

I use imagination therapy to access deep feelings in order to stretch perceptions, rock the boat and help my clients create lasting positive change in their lives.

Here are five reasons why imagination therapy not only works but could also change your life:

1. Memories and perceptions are bendable.

I often say to my clients, “What if you had a magic wand and could change things in your favor?” Or: “What would you say and do in this situation if you could be completely uninhibited without regard to consequences?” Or: “If you could travel back into time and find yourself as a kid, what do you see?”

Just like clay, our memories and perceptions harden if not handled regularly. Bend them, keep them warm and pliable, create with them, and above all, beware of neglecting them or making them into assumptions …

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