Video Caption Generator: How to Create Captions for Instagram, YouTube & Other Video Platforms

As a marketer, you already know how important video captions are to improve engagement and drive conversions. 

A report by Mention and HubSpot found that adding video captions on Instagram posts can increase engagement from just under 4% to over 6%. This happens because they are accessible to those who can’t watch videos or listen closely to audio. 

But it can take hours to write a solid caption that hooks and entices the reader to read the whole caption. If the very thought of writing your next video caption is overwhelming you, we can help.

In this article, we’ll list eight video caption generator tools you can use to generate captions in minutes—instead of hours. We’ve chosen them based on their ease of use, market share, and video-specific use cases.

Ready to level up your caption writing game? Let’s dive in.

8 Best Video Caption Generators for Various Video Platforms

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