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Mike Postle in a 2008 WPT EventThe revelation of a supposed cheating scheme at the Stones Gambling Hall in California has been the talk of the poker world for the last week, and this weekend, the accused broke his silence in an effort to defend himself.

Mike Postle, a suspiciously frequent winner on the Stones Live Poker cash game stream, had stayed quiet outside of some Twitter posts in the days following accusations that he stole upwards of $250,000 over the course of 15 or so months at the table.

The former casino employee stated on social media that he was crafting a defense against the allegations, and surprised many when it was revealed that he had decided to share his side of the story with polarizing poker pro and personality Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow.

Although many were disappointed by the two-part interview, which Matusow admitted he was not prepared for, Postle did unequivocally state that he wasn’t guilty of the allegations, saying he was “10,000 percent innocent.”

While Postle avoided most of the few tough questions that were asked, he did dispute the reported amount won, and admitted to being bad with money, even supposedly giving players back their chips after stacking them.

Of course, in order to sell the idea that he is, indeed, the greatest $2-$5 player in poker history, Postle was also happy to share some highlights from his poker past. At one point in the podcast, he claimed to be the winningest player ever on the now-defunct poker site UltimateBet.

He then called himself one of the best poker players in the world, and issued a heads-up challenge to anyone, including a specific shout out to Doug Polk.

Although Polk decided not to take Postle up on the offer, he did counter back by inviting him on his web show to defend himself, warning that “there will be tough questions.” So far, Postle has been unable to explain how he was able to play so recklessly, yet make the correct decision, time and time again.

The scandal has been so scrutinized that it even got mainstream media attention on ESPN’s SportsCenter, in a segment with Scott Van Pelt. A number of top players have publicly stated that they believe Postle cheated, and some in his corner have started to backtrack after seeing the mounting evidence against him.

Postle was originally accused by whistle blower and former Stones Live Poker commentator Veronica Brill. There are many developing theories as to how Postle could have cheated, including an accomplice working at Stones signaling him with a buzzer, an RFID reader in his keys, bone conducting headphones sewn into his hat, or a video player in his lap tuned to the live broadcast.




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