ashton kutcherChristopher Ashton Kutcher was born February 7th, 1978. He has a twin brother, Michael. He is very close to his brother and concerned about his health. His twin has Cerebral Palsy and a heart defect. In addition to being an actor, he is also a producer. His first jobs though were actually as an underwear model.

He went to college to try to major in Biochemical Engineering. He was hoping to be able to one day find a cure for his brother’s health needs. However, he found the program to be far too difficult for him to continue with. He entered a modeling contest and won.

While he was waiting for acting roles, he worked at the General Mills cereal plant with his father. He got into trouble in high school for breaking in and stealing. It resulted in three years of probation and he said it helped him to decide he wanted to make an honest living.

His modeling jobs got bigger and bigger and soon he had a contract with Calvin Klein. Kutcher became well known for his role in the series That 70s Show. It was one of the first shows he had auditioned for. He was offered a part on a show Wind in the Water at the same time and chose the fun show. It was a good move as the other show was canceled after three episodes.
Kutcher is often found on Twitter, and the first person to get 1 million followers. A contest that took place in 2009 showed him beating out the news leader, CNN. Today, he has over 14 million followers. He often uses Twitter to help spread messages about problems including child trafficking.

After Charlie Sheen was released from Two and a Half Men, there were rumors swirling that the show was going to take a nose dive. However, Kutcher was cast in that open spot and the number of viewers actually increased. Kutcher was also the original host of Punk’d.

His romance with the much older Demi Moore and then their marriage was highly publicized. Yet he seemed to be a good husband and step-father. He even got along well with her ex – Bruce Willis. However, the couple split and rumors have it that it was due to Kutcher being interested in having kids and Moore said no. They were married for 7 years. Kutcher is now engaged to Mila Kunis, they have been together since 2012. The couple is expecting their first child.

photo credits: flickr