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idina menzel

Idina Menzel was born May 30, 1971. She captured the attention of audiences with her role in Rent on Broadway. She was also asked to play that role again in the 2005 movie adaption of the play. Her voice is also found in the popular Disney movie, Frozen, which was released in 2013.

Menzel has always had a love for music and acting. She had her first role in a school production of the Wizard of Oz when she was in the 5th grade. She continued to be involved in school and community productions throughout high school. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager and money was tight.

To help supplement money for her family, she began singing for weddings, parties, and other events. She enjoyed it very much and got paid well for a small amount of time to work. She also met plenty of people at these events that encouraged her to continue to pursue her dreams of singing and dancing.

When she graduated from high school in New York, she began college. She attended on a scholarship as she was a very good student in high school. She earned her degree in Drama in 1993 at New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

In 2009, she was cast in the very popular Glee. Menzel debated about taking the role or not. She was a new mom when she was asked about it, and wasn’t sure that it was the right time. She started filming Glee when her son was 4 months old.

As a musician, she has a few albums she has released with Warner Records. She has never embarked on a huge tour for any of them. However, she has done summer concert series in the USA and in England. She has also been involved in various music festivals over the years. In 2012, a longtime dream came true as Menzel got to sing at Carnegie Hall. She was also recently asked to perform at the 2014 Academy Awards Show.

She returned to Broadway in 2013 to star in the production of If/Then which is a romantic comedy. Menzel is married to Taye Diggs, and the couple met while both were on Broadway in the film Rent. The couple married in 2003 and they have one child. She was 38 years old at the time her son was born. There are reports that the couple has been separated since 2013.

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