In any discussion which includes the concept of virtual assets and blockchain, most people often talk about developments solely concerning the Bitcoin community. The marketability of Bitcoin has largely preceded that of the altcoin market. However, altcoins have not stopped developing their own parent blockchain.

One of the altcoins which has made tremendous progress in this regard over the last few months is Ethereum Classic [ETC]. The virtual asset recently declared a major upgrade to their blockchain through the Atlantis Hardfork, which was indicated to improve functionality and stability of the blockchain. The ETC network also planned to promote collaboration with its sibling, Ethereum, in order to ensure compatibility.

In a recent segment of Let’s Talk ETC, Elizabeth Kukka, Executive Director at ETC Labs, elaborated on the Atlantis Hardfork. Kukka suggested that ETC did not want to rush the upgrade for the sake of it and risk the security of the network or bugs that could arise due to it. She also suggested that during the development, the team was focused on introducing a high-quality blockchain and claimed that the hardfork had eliminated emerging errors from the previous mainnet network.

She also stressed that in order to improve ETC adoption, it was necessary to have more “independent teams” building the network. She also opined that it was crucial to figure out a way to centralize projects that the ETC team worked on, so that repetition or inefficiency is not facilitated.

At press time, Ethereum Classic was priced at $7.89 and the market cap was recorded to be around $882 million. The token witnessed a devaluation of 0.78 percent over the last 24 hours. However, over the last week, the price was hike was 4.04 percent.

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