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Founded in 2015,, a mining pool owned by Bitmain is one of the largest in the world. has dominated the mining pool and had retained its dominance through the first and second quarter of 2019. The mining pool was holding a 15.42% share of the total hash rate in Q1 and a 19.86% share in Q2 of 2019.

During this time, another prominent mining pool Poolin was ranking 3rd in the first quarter with a 12.38% share of hash rate and fell a level lower to the 4th position in the second quarter with a 9.87% share of hash rate. However, the fairly new mining pool founded in 2017, was seen surpassing on 16 September for the rank of the mining pool with the highest share of hash rate.

As reported by Miner Update, both mining pools have been competing for the first position with an approximate total hash rate of 13.5 EH/s. Additionally, the hash rate hit an ATH on 11 September of 98.52 TH/s and the difficulty level of Bitcoin is seen at its highest of 11.89 trillion.

However, at the time of writing, as per Coin Dance, was the largest mining pool with the highest share of hash rate of 17.26% while Poolin was standing second with a 15.97% share of hash rate.

Source – Coin Dance

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