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Bloktide is a consultancy firm based in the UK that offers an end-to-end service assisting blockchain companies and projects to realise capital fundraising goals via private funding, ICOs, IEOs and other routes, as well as also being involved in digital transformation consulting.

Working with venture capital firms, family offices, tech funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, individual investors and some of the largest crypto and traditional financial exchanges from around the globe, they are in the fortunate position of having witnessed the space from its early days through to what it has become.

Combining day-one insights with conventional industry expertise from years spent working in traditional commerce, Bloktide like to position themselves as “delivering solutions that tackle real life challenges”.

They also have a plethora of partnerships going live in the coming weeks. Those confirmed being Hanbitco, LMAX Digital, Hacken, MediaLogix, Fountech, CryptoGeeks, Getingenious, Blockchain Analytica and Tokenomica. Whether it be Crypto trading platforms, delivering software solutions to law enforcement agencies worldwide or offering smart contract audits, there is a common trend among these organisations; they are pioneers who share a vision of the future that considers compliance and regulation as key factors as blockchain comes to play an increasingly significant role in our lives.

Bloktide has already been in discussions with the FCA (the UK’s financial regulation agency and SEC equivalent), offering feedback on the CP19/22 proposal which would see the ban of marketing, sales and distribution of derivatives and exchange traded notes referencing crypto assets to all retail consumers. They are also in talks with other regulatory agencies and government officials across the globe to ensure there are no strangleholds on the industry, and with the ultimate purpose of facilitating a unified approach to regulation.

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Bloktide’s Managing Partner, Babar Shabir, commented on Bloktide’s vision and how it came to be:

 “The market has matured. Compliance and regulation is becoming a pivotal factor for stakeholders such as exchanges and funds, as they start to develop solid governance and philosophies around execution of growth and expansion strategies. Thanks to our insights from across the globe, we have a key advantage in seeing what is to come. While Crypto will continue to play a massive part in the advancement of blockchain and DLT, Corporate Enterprise Solutions are the future: with the help of our development partners, we are using this tech to tackle real life problems and create tangible advancements.”

Bloktide may be a young company in the world of blockchain consultancy but its reach and influence make it a major player on this stage. Having the ear of regulators, law enforcement authorities, major funds and exchanges among other powerful entities gives it the clout needed to open doors and make great things happen — many start-ups will be availing themselves of their services meaning that a future meteoric rise can be reasonably expected.

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