Looking at the early days of the career for Britney Spears, many thought she had a great future ahead. She had the looks, the voice, and the ability to act. Sadly, her path has been one that is littered with plenty of detours along the way that have caused her lots of negative attention in the spotlight. She was born on December 2, 1981.

By the time she was 20, she was the top selling pop artist of all time. She is credited with adding new breath and life into the pop music genre for the younger generations. Her tour from 1998 to 2000 was a shopping mall type of stop all over the United States. Such promotions were common at the time for other young girls including Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

In 2001 she made $7 million in a promotion with Pepsi. She also started a restaurant in 2002 but it was closed in a couple of short years. She blamed the mismanagement of the business as the reason behind closing it. She became close friends with Madonna in 2004 and that has also been blamed for her spinning out of control. A very sensual kiss between the two women at an MTV music award program raised many eyebrows.

In 2004 she began dating Kevin Federline, who had a girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. The couple was married in September the same year, after just a 3 month courtship. The couple had a very rocky marriage that ended as quickly as it had started. They share custody of two boys as a result of the marriage.

Around 2007 and the release of her 5th album, Spears seemed to have many personal problems. She was involved in bizarre behaviors and also hospitalized a few times. Still, she was able to have the highest grossing tour in the world in 2009. Many blame her managers and promoters for ignoring warning signals that the woman was in need of rest and professional help. Instead, they kept her going to make money.

Britney Spears is currently trying to get her personal life and her professional music career back on track. She certainly doesn’t need the money as she is worth about $58 million. However, she has recently been creating a buzz about the album she is working on. She states it will be unlike anything before and very personal and very amazing at the same time.