Channing Matthew Tatum was born April 26th, 1980. He says his family was fun but that he loved to act. He had an invisible friend at a child, and called him Boy. His family still teases him today about acting out various scenes with his pretend friend for the entire family to watch. As a child, he struggled with dyslexia which made reading very difficult for him.
In 9th grade, Tatum was sent to a military school to help him with discipline and academics. He did well there and was part of the football team. He earned an athletic scholarship to Glenville State College in West Virginia. However, he dropped out after the first semester.

He took a variety of types of jobs to help make ends meet as he struggled to become noticed for his acting abilities. He worked at a department store, in construction, and for a short time as a broker. He got a few modeling jobs for clothing that helped him to save up money. He was signed to a modeling agency while living in Miami. At the age of 19, he worked part time as a stripper.

He enjoys all types of sweets, but his favorite is Funfetti cake with all the different colors. He also enjoys decorating dishes in his free time. He will take cups, bowls, and plates and create a personalized set for friends and family.
Tatum is considered to be one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood right now. He had been in numerous films that have done very well. He starred with Matthew McConaughey in Like Mike about a group of male strippers. He was also in the comedy 21 Jump Street. He has been in some very physical roles including G.I. Joe and romantic roles such as The Vow.
Off screen, Tatum is known for his kind words and is great sense of humor. He is terrific to work with and often does what he can to give back to kids and to various charities. There have been rumors swirling about him and his use of alcohol. Tatum states that he is a highly functioning alcoholic – all with a smile on his face. His drinking and partying is what earned him the nickname Chanimal.

Channing Tatum has stepped into a few new roles in recent years. He married Jenna Dewan in 2009. The couple welcomed their first child in June of 2013. A sequel to Magic Mike is due to be released in July, 2015.