‘BTFS to become the largest distributed storage system by Q4 of 2019’ – AMBCrypto

Tron Founder Justin Sun has been proactively enabling the rise of BitTorrent (BTT) through a mix of marketing and technical advancements. Through a fresh campaign named “The Revolution Will Be Integrated,” Sun introduced BitTorrent’s latest updates on BTFS, BT Speed and BLive initiatives. The entrepreneur hosted a YouTube live stream recently to expand upon what happened after BitTorrent integrated with the Tron network.

Sun started off the live stream by going through the BLive app available through the Google App Store, which allows users to support content creators. While the app currently supports Google Pay as the only payment option, he mentioned that the company intends to “introduce cryptocurrency as well.” While speaking about BT Speed and its application as a file transfer platform, Sun highlighted,

“(Just in the testing version,) We have 20,000 active users, daily interaction of more than 7,000 and more than 1000 users use our internal exchange for deposit and withdrawal of tokens.”

Further, Sun also mentioned how the core focus has been placed on improving BitTorrent’s scalability and security. He spoke of how BTFS will enable private key-driven encryption and decryption options for users’ data through the BTFS node peer ID. Additionally, the company intends to merge this feature into the main BitTorrent and uTorrent clients. He added,

“This will make BTFS the largest distributed storage system in the world.”

Arijit Sarkar

Arijit is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto, who focuses on the XRP and Ethereum ecosystem. Leveraging over three years of experience in media and Majoring in Computer Science, he covers the technical developments in the crypto ecosystem

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