Coinbase Custody launches Maker Governance right before MakerDAO vote – AMBCrypto

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently announced its latest qualified institutional custodian, Coinbase Custody. Following up on the initiative, the company sent out a tweet saying,

“Today we’re announcing support for Maker Governance. Coinbase Custody clients can now vote directly from their custody accounts.”

As of now, the Maker Governance will be made available only to all Coinbase clients who hold MKR in their Coinbase Custody account.

Source: Coinbase

Diving into the specifics, the company leverages offline storage while enabling “staking and voting out of cold storage.” In the official post, the establishment has also highlighted about their caliber to pioneer active crypto-network participation directly from their industry-leading offline storage.

Making the initiative clearer, the crypto exchange mentioned,

“If you own MKR and are looking for a way to securely participate in MakerDAO governance, you can open an account with Coinbase Custody.”

Interestingly enough, Coinbase Custody has made the launch of this service right before the MakerDAO vote on 11/15/19.

Arijit Sarkar

Arijit is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto, who focuses on the XRP and Ethereum ecosystem. Leveraging over three years of experience in media and Majoring in Computer Science, he covers the technical developments in the crypto ecosystem

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