Every season has its own distinctive characteristics in flora and fauna. The qualities that each season brings with it are reflected on agricultural harvest. Such reflection of season change is visible in Darjeeling tea. Whether the blend has floral aroma, full-bodied or creamy body flavor or sharp astringency, harvesting season has profound impact on the quality and flavor of a cup of Darjeeling brew.

As is known to all, Darjeeling blends are harvested at different seasons of the year. Each harvesting season is termed as “flush” and accordingly, there are three major flushes of Darjeeling. Teas of every harvest have unique personality and taste.

First Flush Darjeeling Blend and Its Uniqueness

First flush Darjeeling is a real treat to the taste buds because of their amazing taste. Teas of this flush blossom when spring just sets in. the time for first flush is from February to April. During this flush, fresh few leaves are plucked with their buds. These leaves are delicate and very much tender and so, they have an astringent and mild floral flavor.

Darjeeling first flush tea brands are highly sought after blends. They are also the costliest variant of teas available in international market. First flush blends are so exclusive that people call them ‘The Champagne of Teas’. A cup of brew from this flush obtains light body liquor with delicate taste and rich aroma. Since first flush tea leaves are slightly oxidized, they have the freshness of flavor. One can preserve this blend for almost a year.

Brewing of First Flush Blends

Fresh cold water is the right choice for brewing teas of first flush since the leaves are lightly oxidized. Steep it for only 2 to 3 minutes. If someone wishes to get its astringent taste, the he has to brew it in water that has been just boiled. While steeping, cover the pot. To enjoy the delicate flavor of first flush Darjeeling, drinkers should not add any sweetener or milk to it. Do not overstep it otherwise it will taste bitter.

New drinkers should buy Darjeeling first flush tea. Its fantastic taste will definitely make them a regular drinker. Surveying the market, one will find that Darjeeling brews of this flush always come at the highest price. Though first flush blends are harvested in different parts of the country, yet Darjeeling first flush has created a brand for itself because of its floral flavor and intricate taste.

Source by Sneha Birla